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Andres Roca Rey and Armillita triumph in Tijuana

Posted on 11/9/2015 | 696 reads


A Hombros

Andres Roca Rey and Fermin Espinosa Armillita IV were carried out on shoulders after becoming the triunfadors of the bullfight held in Tijuana this past Sunday, 8th of November. The bullfight was attended by more than 6,000 fans, in a chilly evening. The bullfight was supposed to start at 4:00, but didnt start until about 4:20 due to the empresa wanting people to get to their seats, and during that time the public was treated to a flamenco dance with horseman and the Bullrings Bullfight Banda playing on the sand.

The evening was truly what I expected, the Peruvian bullfighter, Andres Roca Rey was outstanding cutting 4 ears, with Armillita IV cutting 2 (which should have been 1), and Diego Silveti cutting 1 on his second. The public was overjoyed with Andres Roca Rey giving him standing ovations after every series of passes, all passes were perfect, derechazos, naturales, pase de pechos, etc. Swordword was perfect as you can see from him cutting those ears. Diego Silveti was good on his first bull but his sword work wasnt, and neither was the descabello. His second was much the same as first, but sowrdwork was better and his faena earned him an ear. Armillita IV, was good on his first bull but pinched the sword. His second was good but not great, though he delivered a great swordthrust and that alone should have earned him an ear, which did, and there was little petition for the 2nd ear, with the rest yelling NO and he gave the 2nd ear away.

I know that Andres Roca Rey will be agreat bullfighter, and now more know the same. I spoke to a few fans after the bullfight and most agreed, I even overheard a few new fans behind where I was sitting saying that the 3rd bullfighter was the best of the three, and they were really new.

Some other reports were describing the bullring to be 1/4 in attendance, with about 2800 fans, but I have to disagree. I counted around 3142 total seats in Sunny and Shady side Barrera (by way of ticket agency boletea.com); these are the numbered seats and were about 95% filled, then there is Preferente which has to be about 3,000 - 4,000 seats and those were about 85% full. In my honest opinion and eyewitness I would say about 1/2 full, about 6,000 - 7,000 in attendance. Also, the general admission seats were not being sold, so all sat below that area.

Here are a few photoa from the bullfight:







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