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Ivan Fandiño dies as result of goring

Posted on 6/19/2017 | 263 reads


Bullfighter Ivan Fandiño            1980-2017

The bullfighter Ivan Fandiño died as a result of a goring while participating in a bullfight in Aire-sur-l'Adour in the south of France. The goring happened during a "quite" which is like a dance with the bull to show off his skills, the bull was for another bullfighter and as a senior bullfighter he can take a quick turn with the bull.

The bullfighter was setting himself up for some chicuelinas, as pass with the large capote, you start as if in a veronica and as the bull passes left side you toss the cape behind you and spin right, then the bull should make its turn and you should be able to pull off another one, but as what happened in this instance the bull came to him awkwardly into his body rather than the side, causing him to try and block then escape, but on escaping he got tangled up with the capote and fell down in front of bull face first, as he he was on the ground he started rolling to his left to get away but the bull caught up to him and put his right horn into the right side of the body under the rib cage, and lifted him up into a standing position then took the horn out and Fandiño fell to the ground in agony.

He was rushed in what seemed like for ever to the infirmary, where along the way he said to those carrying him to "Please hurry, I am dying"....

According to reports the doctors in the infirmary took a look at him and had him sent to the hospital instead as the groing was really bad, in the ambulance on the way he heart stopped twice and once at the hospital there was nothing they could do and as a result he was pronounced dead.

The medical report hasnt been released but, reports state that the horn caused grave damage to his right lung, kidney and liver sectioning the inferior vena cava and causing a serious hemorrhage. There was nothing they could do, doctors said.

There is video on youtube showing the going from hind the bull.

His funeral is today, Monday June 19 2017 in his native town of Orduña

Rest in Peace Torero


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