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El Payo shines, Morante goes 0-9

Posted on 5/2/2015 | 731 reads


May 1 2015, Morante, El Payo and Diego Silveti

There was to be a comeback of sorts, but instead Morante de la Pueba goes 0 for 9 in the last 4 performances in Aguascalientes. He was able to muster a few passes, but couldnt do much anything else, the actions of the bulls were unacceptable for his liking.

His first bull, looked great coming out the gate making a few rounds of the ring, then after the first pass, started dragging his hind legs, and every pass thereafter the same. The public went ballistic and demanded a change. I looked at judge and he was motioning to wait for the picadors to come out, as maybe the bull just cramped up and a pic would help the flow of blood. Just as the picadors came out the public yelled louder and the judge caved in to their demands.

The replacement bull was a good one, there was no protesting from public, Morante gave a few passes, then brought out the picadors which unfortunately the bull went to the opposite picador and after that the due up picador also took a pic. By that time the bull was bleeding fast and evryone knew what was going to happen. I think it took about two passes, one good right hander, then with his mind made up, out came the sword and done. Boo's from the public. His second bull was just as bad for him and there really isnt much to talk about, the same thing happened, a few passes with muleta and out came the sword. More boo's.


Octavio Garcia El Payo was up next and he did the total opposite of what Morante mustered up, pure brilliance, the public were at their feet yelling TO RE RO, TO RE RO after the many passes he made, on the left side. He was very close a couple time to getting tossed, the bulls horns were inches from his thigh, but he kept drawing the bull away and completing the pass, without getting caught. He dispatched the bull after a full sword and one descabello and was awarded an ear. His next bull was just as good as the first, and his capework just as good, for the muleta he practically copied from the first and had the public AGAIN on their feet. Daring he was, and he even took a bow while the public was yelling TO RE RO, TO RE RO. Closer and closer he got to getting caught, screams from women, OLES from everyone. Sword came out and a quick drop to the floor, and an earned ear was had. Puerta Grande

aguas-050115-002 aguas-050115-003

Diego Silveti was great with his first bull and close to getting an ear or two but he pinched the sword and was applauded for his efforts, while the bull was given applause while being dragged to the arrastre. His second bull didnt do mych of anything and the public had already started leaving toward the end when he pinched again. Applause for his efforts.


Attendance was nearly full house, starting at 11 minutes past the hour.

Tonights bullfight will feature the duel between Zotoluco and the much anticipated return of Jose Tomas, there will be a full bullring and then some more standing in the ailes. Good luck to all. I'll be in the nosebleed section.

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