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Adame with an ear, Sillis gets gored

Posted on 7/23/2015 | 777 reads


Gerardo Adame cut an ear in 2nd bullfight of Opportunity

Gerardo Adame became the next victor in the 2nd bullfight of Opportunity this past Sunday at the Bullring by the Sea, Plaza Monumental. The day was a wet one, as it rained all throughout the bullfight. The few brave souls who stuck it out in the stands, some covered with thin ponchos and others with nothing but their shirts, watched as one becamethe victor and another was carried out with help from fellow bullfighters following a goring to his right leg just below the knee cap. The goring was enough to keep Juan Luis Sillis from returning to finish his performance and the senoir sword had to dispatch the bull.


I wasnt able to get the the bullring in time of the start and missed the first bullfighter, as it poured rain in my area and traffic was backed up for what seemed a long time on the "rapida" along the Tijuana river, streets were flooded and commute was nightmare. I ended up going thru center of town and made it.

Results were:

Ricardo Rivera (pitos)
Juan Luis Silis (ovacion-gored)
Manolo Juárez "El Poeta" (vuelta)
Gerardo Adame (oreja)
Lorenzo Garza Gaona (silencio)
Brandon Campos (silencio)

Photos of the bullfight:









On an ending note, there seemed to be still some issues with the mules, the first bullfight the 3 mules had trouble dragging the dead bull out of the ring, it sometimes took 10 minutes to get them going, and towards the end of the bullfight, they scratched the mules and took to man power to drag the bull out.

Well this bullfight they built a small wheeled carrier just for the bulls head to help drag the bull out, whilst it helped alittle it also took time to remove the bull. If they would only use a horse it would take less time, Mexico City uses big horses, and so does Spain. Perhaps they are trying to keep costs down and I understand that but time is what takes and it shouldnt be wasted on during a bullfight.

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