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Goring for Ocampo and ears for Romero and Arriaga

Posted on 8/29/2015 | 486 reads


Romero and Arriaga cut ears

This is a really late post:

It was a hot day at the bullring by the sea on August 16, but that didnt deter some hardcore bullfighting fans from going to the bullfight. Another day of opportunity for the bullfighters Xavier Ocampo, Antonio Romero, Angelino Arriaga, César Ibelles, Juan Pablo Llaguno and Antonio Lomelín. 

Unfortunately there was another goring, this time to Xavier Ocampo, to his left upper thigh. He was taken to the infirmary and didnt return, having to go directly to the hospital as it was a big goring of 15 and 10 centimeters, but didnt get any important organs, though he did bleed alot.

Antonio Romero, had a good performance and was able to cut an ear with a good sword placement. Angelino d'Arriaga also cut an ear but I didnt see the same performance as the previous, I would have granted a vuelta instead. César Ibelles was silenced in his turn, having a bull and not so sure what to do with it, he performed good at start but fell apart as bull was getting dangerous. Juan Pablo Llaguno had the worst time, bull came out very brave, but during faena de muleta, he was cutting back too quickly and Juan Pablo just couldnt get him to stand still, too much of nothing for the bull or the matador, silencio. Antonio Lomelin's bull was much about the same as the previous bull and even though he triend there was just nothing for him to do, he placed a good sword, but just wasnt enough, silencio.

The day ended as such, Ocampo gored and Romero and Arriaga with one ear a piece. The next and final bullfight should be the corrida de triunfadores on the 30th of August at 4:30 pm with the following bullfighters: Ricardo Frausto, Gerardo Adame, Antonio Romero and Angelino d'Arriaga with bulls to be announced.

Here are some photos of the day taken with my cell phone as I forgot my camera...





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